Stretching further

If you are not making mistakes (i.e., missing a deadline, delivering a project that is not ready, failing to achieve your goals, being rejected for a role you care about), one of two things is true.

Either you are covering up your mistakes or you are not stretching further enough.

The point is not being flawless.

The point is using mistakes to do three things.

  1. Prepare a space to grow into. A mistake tells where you cannot go yet. It is space to fill up, a beacon pointed in the direction of growth.
  2. Build more resilient relationships. A mistake tells you are a fearless peer. I am sorry unlocks deep empathy and fortifies the ground beneath you and those you care about.
  3. Add to your story. A mistake tells you are not done yet. When you put it into words, it becomes an inspiration and a model.

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