I am sorry

As a leader, saying I am sorry is your responsibility. It helps healing and looking forward, it gives perspective, it makes you human.

It is also your responsibility to not make of I am sorry an empty sentence. If you find yourselves saying that too often, as a reaction to the same situations, it should be clear it is time for you for a change.


Internal alignment is often that spot where every manager in the organization is happy, while everyone looking from the outside (customers included) have no clue what is going on.

Aligning is important, but it needs to happen on broad topics. Values, principles, long-term targets.

When alignment gets down to the tactics, to the details, it turns into agreement. It becomes a patchwork that at best reflects the ego and desires of a limited amount of people.

What value?

The main reason for your busyness is not a fast-paced business environment. It is not a growing company, the increased competition, a new role. It is not the incompetence of your managers or the inexperience of your peers.

The main reason for your busyness is your need to maintain control.

So the question is: what value do you deliver by being everywhere, at any time, on top everything?

The question touches you personally as well as professionally. And it relates to you, your firm, your loved ones, and your group

Be honest.