A matter of perspective

Things are easy.

Particularly when we are not involved.

As a customer, it is easy to find ways to improve the service and food at the restaurant you have visited for dinner.

As a peer, it is easy to see the possibilities and potential of a project that your colleague is struggling to pull off.

As a parent, it is easy to imagine how much more wonderful your kids’ life would be if only they could focus on the things they already have.

And of course, when we are involved, things get immediately incredibly complicated.

The ability to walk in others’ shoes is something that can be trained.


The excitement of an overachievement can ruin the chances of the following run.

If the result was brilliant, why was it? What happened that made it so? Who was involved, what were the circumstances, what is likely to change? How similar is all of that to what will happen next?

All questions to answer before taking the overachievement at face value and decide that it is the new normal.