The outcome

The quality of your input – a measure of time, focus, commitment, passion, and knowledge – is rarely in a direct relationship with the quantity of the outcome.

That is to say, just because you are doing a good job, it does not mean you will be successful.

But the quality of your input is without failure in a direct relationship with the quantity of satisfaction, achievement, and fulfilment you get every single day.

And that is much more important than any outcome.

Actually, that is THE outcome.

Human matter

We have made marketing a commodity. We have made it about scale, repetition, numbers, algorithms. We have made it a matter of point-to-point measurement and one-way funnel.

And now we worry that a machine can take our job?

AI will replace you if you think that marketing is a “if this then that” statement, if you look at a blog post only in terms of keyword density, if you consider an ICP something to bend at your own need.

For all the others, we still very much need you.

It’s not the rise of the robots that frightens me.

It’s the rise of all those corporatists who have forgotten that humans matter.

George Tannenbaum, Rising. Falling. Choosing.

Stick with it

Stick with something long enough and it will change you.

Stick with something you have chosen, something that is difficult, something that is inspiring, something you would not normally do, something that you had wanted to do for a long time. And it will become a passion, a second nature, an habit.

Stick with something long enough and it will save you.

Kill your idol

Idols are idols only from afar, because when you keep the distance, you only see the silhouette.

And I wonder what would happen if we would direct the respect we reserve for idols to people that are close and that we see fully instead.

Idols are idols and they always disappoint.

That’s no reason to be disappointed at life as a whole and stop doing what you are here to do.