Prejudice prevents you from seeing the world in its entirety. It forces you within some boundaries and it reinforces your perspective by limiting doubts.

When prejudice is taken a step further it becomes righteousness. That’s when you aim at keeping others within the same boundaries built your own prejudice, and you allow them only one possible version of the truth.

Prejudice and righteousness are human traits. That’s why it’s important to remind ourselves of how limiting they are.

Work relationships

To build relationships in a work environment, particularly when you have leadership responsibilities, consider the following three things.

  1. Expectations, that is where what people expect of you meets what you expect to do.
  2. Communication, that needs consistency (i.e., frequency and repetition) and truthful content (i.e., say when something is wrong).
  3. Participation, that is a process that combines both a way for others to participate in your work and a way for you to set boundaries about what will get done.

Where are you struggling the most?

So tempting

It is so tempting to think you have the right solution.

To take things in your hands and ask of others that they do as you tell them.

To schedule just one more meeting and go through what everybody is doing, assign blame, share opinions, drive action.

To comment on everything as it is happening and inspire urgency.

To check, and double-check, and triple-check, and check just one more time.

To put people, projects, tasks into boxes and then complain that things are slow, siloed, not properly communicated.

It is so tempting to take ownership and control.

And it is the exact opposite of what you should do.


There’s arguably nothing worse than feeling alone.

And that’s not sitting on your own when working, staying home alone, walking in a forest with no one around you, or even living by yourself.

It is the feeling of being the only one who sees something, who feels something, who experiences something.

There are two good news though.

The first is that we are more similar than we think when it comes to what we see, feel, and experience. So, connection is most likely available.

The second is that we have the possibility to build that connection by sharing our version first.