And the winner is

What is the value of:

  • An award that has your name on it?
  • An award you have paid money to get?
  • An award that is given to everyone who participates?
  • An award that nobody knows about?
  • An award you and your team have worked hard to achieve?

In the end, most people who visit your website can’t really tell the difference. That’s why awards as marketing tools are little more than organizations talking about themselves.

Ground and arms

Change is permanent.

And there are only two things you can do about it.

First, build a solid ground. That would be knowing yourself, your situation, your story, your purpose, your triggers, your strength. A solid ground is what will allow you to not take change personally.

Second, open your arms. That would be listening to others, embracing their fears, helping them with their agendas, navigating the situation together with them, establishing long-term relationships. Open arms is what will allow you to make your solid ground even more solid.

One thing you should never do about change, and that would be trying to control it.

Early stage marketing

If you are a start-up, with a single product, and you sell to other businesses, then product marketing is basically the foundation of your whole go-to-market.

The way you talk about the product, the way you differentiate from other alternatives, the unique point of view that makes you worth considering, the material you need to go out there and influence people, the knowledge of you target customer and of their pains.

Perhaps you can’t afford a product marketer. But make sure that whoever is doing marketing will focus on those things for at least 80% of their time. It will pay off.

The biggest difference

The biggest difference is not in goals.

We all want some more of something. Money. Success. Health. Career. Knowledge. Security. If you tell that’s what you want, it’s difficult to stand out, because our goals are incredibly similar.

The biggest difference is in method.

How are you going to get that some more?

Tell about that and you will have your own personal story.

Between decision and execution

Most problems arise between decision and execution. It’s when you start to reconsider based only on fear, redundant or irrelevant information, and shiny new opportunities.

To mitigate this, try three things.

  1. Make the decision public. Talk about it and commit to it.
  2. Assign a responsible person. Someone who is in charge and has the power, right now, to execute on the decision.
  3. Keep the implementation time to the bare minimum. Act fast, don’t delay.