A different route

What if a simple task, instead of fueling regret for the lack of a challenge, would push us to give our best consistently?

What if a simple goal, instead of fueling discontent for the little reward, would make us full?

Difficult, complex, busy, huge are often considered measures of success and satisfaction.

You can take a different route.

Small is your buddy

Start from small.

A little thing that bothers you just a little. Something you want to change. Something you want to try. Something that’s been on your mind for a while.

Something small.

We often fail because we want to get to the end result right from the start.

We go on a diet, and we want the body we desire on week 1.

We start a blog, and we want an audience from day 1.

We land a new job, and we want to love it already on the first month.

We found a new company, and all we think about is to make it a unicorn.

Start from small instead. Break the big achievement down into small, if you need.

Small is your buddy.

With intent

Good job! is not feedback.

I like how you handled the situation is not feedback.

We are hiring somebody to support you is not feedback.

Performance reviews are not feedback.

The truth is, we rarely get feedback we can work with. And part of the reason is that we probably don’t like it.

We need to be asking for feedback regularly and with intent. What do you want to know? What could help you on your path? What do you feel is important to you at this stage?

Feedback is not going to happen otherwise.

What value?

The main reason for your busyness is not a fast-paced business environment. It is not a growing company, the increased competition, a new role. It is not the incompetence of your managers or the inexperience of your peers.

The main reason for your busyness is your need to maintain control.

So the question is: what value do you deliver by being everywhere, at any time, on top everything?

The question touches you personally as well as professionally. And it relates to you, your firm, your loved ones, and your group

Be honest.