It’s us

We want a job to seek stability, and then we want to leave that job to seek freedom.

We pursue relationships to seek companionships, and then we want to leave those relationships behind because we feel like we lost ourselves.

We follow a passion to seek fulfilment, and then we want to abandon that passion to catch up with all the achievements we had stopped pursuing.

It’s not them. It’s not the job, the relationships, the passion.

It’s us.

Start again

Habits are broken all the time, and when that happens, you need to allow yourself to go back a few steps.

Progress is very rarely linear, and thinking that it is, might actually keep us from starting again a healthy habit we have just failed at for a while.

If you were used to run 10km a week and you have not done that for a month, would it make it easier to start again with 2km this week?

If you are used to meditate for 20 minutes a day and you have not done that for a month, would it make it easier to start again with 5 minutes today?

If you are used to write 10,000 words a week and you have not done that for a month, would it make it easier to start again with 5,000 this week?

We are not machines and we need to be able to cut ourselves some slack once in a while.

What is wrong?

How many of the things we call our flaws, of the traits we don’t like about us, of the behaviors we want to hide, are such because we are in the wrong situation?

Are we really afraid of speaking in front of an audience, or is it because we have always spoken in front of the wrong audience?

Should we call ourselves temperamental, or is it because nobody has ever took a minute to explain what was happening?

Do we really reject close relationships, or is it because the people we have been close to have hurt us deeply?

Are you wrong, or is the situation wrong?

Should you change yourself, or should you change the people you are with, the things you are doing, the place you call home?

Always work on yourself.

And figuring out what is wrong is part of the process.

Artificially Indispensable

Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world. Perhaps.

But it’s not going to do it on its own. So the opportunity for all those who are interested in digging further is to become an expert in using AI to create efficiencies in different areas. That’s how you make it a more human tool and how you position yourself as indispensable in the job market.

Nobody is looking for the one who resisted the new technology until it hit the masses.


Write three paragraphs about how blogging will be in 2033. Use some funny predictions with a hint of reality. Be creative.


In 2033, blogging will be a dramatically different experience from what we know today. For starters, blogs will no longer require you to use a computer or laptop at all! It’s possible that by then every single person on earth will have an implanted device with an artificial intelligence that connects us directly to the internet and each other. We’ll be able to blog from our brains, with a single thought sending out a message to the world.

No longer will we have to go through the hassle of typing or clicking on buttons; instead, our thoughts and ideas will be transmitted within seconds. We won’t even need words anymore as blogging technology has advanced so much that pictures, videos, and even feelings will be automatically broadcasted to others.

Another major change that we’ll see by 2033 is the ability for us to blog in virtual reality. This means that people won’t have to just read our words, they’ll be able to experience them too! You can imagine walking into a room and being surrounded by other people’s blogs, each presented in a unique and vivid way that captures the reader’s attention like no other medium can.

Blogging is sure to be an amazing experience by 2033, and it will be exciting to see how technology continues to evolve and shape the way we communicate with one another. Who knows what else might be possible that we can’t even imagine now!

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