As you go

We would like there to be a simple answer. And the reality, of course, is that there is none.

We would love the answer to be in the next article we read, the next podcast episode we listen to, the next online class we register for – even though we know we will never have the time, or the motivation, or the incentive to actually take it.

We would love our beloved go-to influencer to share their secret sauce. We would pay hard earned money to get it from their very own voice. We are desperate for it, so much so we convince ourselves that if only we would take the recommendation in the latest LinkedIn post they shared, everything would be fine.

The reality, of course, is that there is no secret sauce.

Every situation, every context, every team, every product, every go-to-market, every business model is different. You can apply some of your own previous expertise, or some of someone else’s previous expertise, but you’ll better do it carefully.

Starting with listening and asking loads of questions, seeing what you can take and what you need to drop, agreeing with others on the next important steps to take together.

That’s probably the only bullet that looks somewhat silvery.

Come up with the plan as you go.

Go deeper

What makes you unique is not that you are customer-focused and have great communication skills.

What makes you unique is that you enjoy the challenge of finding the right audience for the company you work at, and that you dedicate effort to buy everyone in the story you are going to tell.

Lazy adjectives and terminology are particularly harmful when you use them to present yourself in the job market. They are shortcuts that flatten the contribution you have to make. They just make you feel like everyone else.

When you are about to use any of them, ask yourself three questions.

  • What do I mean with that?
  • In what situation have I proved that?
  • How can I describe that to my friend?

It will help you go deeper and unlock what it is that make you truly stand out.