Caution does not spread

It might be that everyone is out there waiting for you to come out with the new feature. Perhaps your detractors are just waiting for you to trip and your competitors can’t wait to see the sneak peek of your new product. Somebody for sure has also set an alert to track everything that you are doing and beat you to it.

Or maybe not.

The point is that the time you spend worrying about all these unlikely scenarios – let’s accept it, in most cases we are not that important – is time you could invest to put your work out there and get people excited about it.

Caution does not spread.


You don’t have to tell, to explain, to convince, to persuade.

You just have to listen, understand, and play back.

That’s copywriting.

Copy cannot create desire for a product. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist in the heart of millions of people, and focus those already existing desires onto a particular product.

Eugene Schwartz, Breakthrough Advertising (1966)

P.S.: Thanks Katelyn Bourgoin for sharing this in the first place.

An important metric

There is one important metric that should be considered in any report.

It’s the cost of what you have achieved.

Not only monetary cost – though that is always a fantastic way to start, that would immediately set you apart from the vast majority of people – but also the cost in terms of energy, in terms of time spent, in terms of forgone opportunities.

Adding the cost to your reports can very much give you a clearer picture of how effective your work is.

It’s surprising how many teams are not aware of how much their achievements cost.

Anger and social media

It turns out anger spreads faster than joy, because it does not need strong ties – and most of our relationships are weak, particularly nowadays and particularly on social media.

If you share something negative or enraging, it gets picked up more likely by people who don’t know you or are mere acquaintances. While if you share something positive or joyful, it most likely will stop at your closest ties.

The idea that something liked, shared, commented, viewed is good is fundamentally faulted. We need to change that before we can actually look at the future of social media.


I was checking your profile today, I was impressed.

I noticed that we both work in marketing.

I think it’d be great to be connected here.

I am sure none of the people who have reached out using this opening would be connecting to someone using the same. Yet, when we are on the selling side, when we have something we care about that we want to share, when we are confident that our solution will really be the best option, or even when we just have to send out 1,000 message per day, we forget the basics.

A good place to start from when crafting a cold message is: what is an opening that would make me want to know more?

If you look at your sequences and are honest with yourself, it will be the opportunity for you to change approach. And perhaps increase your key metrics.