No barrier

It’s easy to fall into the familiar refrain that goes: “B2B marketing is boring”.

That is just an alternative version of the hit: “We have always done it this way”.

The reality though is that most marketers don’t have the guts – sure, sometimes it is the budget, or the time, or the team, but let’s be realistic, it is mainly the guts – to try anything new.

Fortunately, some do. And some others do as well.

There is literally no barrier to B2B marketing today.

Just go experiment.

Note: the image in this blog post is from Postman‘s graphic novel, The API-first World.

Approving instructions

When you write instructions, make sure you test them with those they are written for.

It is not enough to get approval from somebody who knows and already understands the process you are describing.

Otherwise, this happens.

We ask you to create your own personal account at *URL*. In case you already have a personal account created for the child from preschool, the same account is used for the registration to school. You may not use the account created for an older sibling but are permitted to add the younger sibling using the key codes below.

From instructions to register your child to school

To market marketing

Marketers market products. And marketers also market marketing.

Some are good at the former, few even understand that the latter is just as important.

To market marketing means promoting the role of marketing internally. It means asking around what the expectations around marketing are, kicking off a dialogue, setting and reporting on the right metrics, being consistent at building a narrative that supports all of the above.

When marketers do only market products, you see marketers going around and trying to apply the same tactics in completely different circumstances. Then coming up with a new fad to try and keep things fresh.

Marketing is a practice, not a campaign.

Business card

This viral picture reminded me of a couple of things.

First, that creativity (coming up with ideas) and innovation (the implementation of those same ideas) can be applied to anything, even something as old as business cards.

And second, that creativity and innovation are often a good way to create early stages buzz. Whether that will spread further down the line, though, is a different matter.

Make it better

Customer communication is an opportunity to establish and strengthen a relationship. Not just a way to deflect a possible inquiry.

You should know (and tell) whether a package has been delivered or not. And if it has, spare the customer the clutter in their inbox.

You could add the link to track the delivery. And spare the customer the trouble to dig into their incoming messages to find it.

You could suggest a direct way to ask a question. And spare the customer the time to go through the website, the help section, the knowledge base articles, and the feedback form.

Good customer communication often goes unnoticed, because it makes the experiences smooth and does not impose additional tasks on the receiver.

It’s not impossible, and can be achieved with some intention.