All at once

It’s a moment to cherish when you watch something, you witness something, you experience something, and that something gets your mind going.

It can happen with any thing.

Even with a very good movie.

Here are three thoughts inspired by Everything Everywhere All At Once.

  1. Potential – Life is a tapestry of infinite possibilities. Each choice we make (or not make) represents the path we follow. And it means forgoing all other potential paths. It’s both empowering and daunting. But it is only by accepting this truth that we open ourselves up to a newfound sense of freedom. We stop dwelling on missed opportunities and start appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of the path that was given to us.
  2. Release – A central struggle in our lives revolves around the ability to let go. We cling to our thoughts, fears, societal and cultural prejudices, and desires to control our circumstances and others’ circumstances. What if we release these attachments? By freeing ourselves from the weight of unnecessary burdens, we are ready to embrace the unknown. Within us and all around us.
  3. Interdependence – It is easier to navigate the complexities of life when we recognize the importance of relying on others. Seeking help and forming meaningful connections is not a sign of weakness, it is a testament to our strength. Interdependence grants us diverse perspectives, shared experiences, and a network of support that immensely amplifies that path are asked to accept.

The life we are living is just as meaningful as any other life we might envy, aspire to, imagine.

That’s all the potential we need.

The outcome

The quality of your input – a measure of time, focus, commitment, passion, and knowledge – is rarely in a direct relationship with the quantity of the outcome.

That is to say, just because you are doing a good job, it does not mean you will be successful.

But the quality of your input is without failure in a direct relationship with the quantity of satisfaction, achievement, and fulfilment you get every single day.

And that is much more important than any outcome.

Actually, that is THE outcome.