Building on success

A weird year ends tomorrow, and many will think at some kind of resolutions for 2021. I want to share (again) few tips that have helped me stick with my resolutions throughout the twelve months in the past few years.

And one more important thing.

If you have recently developed a habit you are proud of, double down on it in 2021.

If you have meditated 10 minutes every day, make it 20 minutes in 2021.

If you have dedicated 2 hours a week to writing that novel, make it 4 hours in 2021.

If you have successfully delivered 5 blog posts a month, make it 10 in 2021.

If you have landed 4 speaking gigs, make it 8 in 2021.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel every year, just continue on the journey. Building on success is a sure way to continue being successful.

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