A little celebration

I started writing on this blog exactly two years ago, with the intent to share one thought every day. 733 posts later, I want to take a little time to celebrate the fact I stuck with it.

I am still motivated by the same reasons that got me started: getting in an habit of doing and clarifying my thinking around issues that are dear to me. During the journey I got some companions and some appreciation, and for both I am thankful. While I still don’t want to measure success with views, likes, or comments, everyone who interacts with my ideas is a blessing and fuels my writing fire. Thank you!

I don’t think there is a good time to stop celebrating milestones, so I will just promise I will not make of this type of posts a lazy habit.

See you for the 10 years anniversary, I guess. ☺️

One thought on “A little celebration

  1. The wife here. Congrats on this milestone, I am impressed by seeing you write on this blog night after night, no matter how tiring and stressful the day was. You’re an inspiration of tenacity and consistency. I will deny I ever said that IRL (need to keep you on your toes) 😛

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