Good and bad

The reason why I find this and this (and this) worth of my attention (and money), while I find this, this, and this (and this too) trite and unattractive, is not that the former are good and the latter are bad.

It’s that the former target a specific audience to which I apparently belong.

I don’t believe in good and bad marketing, but I do believe in effective and non-effective marketing. Know who you are selling to, know what you are selling, and make the match.

All the rest is non-effective.


The fact that Apple goes against Facebook (and others) on privacy matters should not come as a surprise.

Apple is the company of the 1984 commercial. It is the company of Think Different. It is the casual and relaxed guy opposed to the formal and uptight adult of the Get a Mac campaign. It is the solitary teenager who makes us cry in Misunderstood.

Few companies have managed to maintain such a consistent brand over decades.

Apple is the company against the establishment and the common way of thinking.

And now that they are part of the establishment, they still find ways to be consistent with their brand.

They have won already.

To mentor

You do not have to be a master to mentor. You do not have to be the best at what you do, neither you need to be an expert in what you do. You might have a passion, but that is just a like most of the time. You might feel competent and knowledgeable, but if you are completely honest that’s probably not how you feel in most cases.

If you believe any of the above is necessary to mentor, you are telling yourself a false story, you are giving up to resistance, you are pushing back something you would genuinely benefit from.

To mentor, you merely need to have experience and to be willing to give it away.

And when that is the case, you can start mentoring now. You will get back everything you put in. And more.

The best list

The best thing to get something done on a lazy day is to make a list.

And the best list you can do is planned, intentional, and purposeful.

Planned, because you have to prepare it in advance. To give it time to rest, to ensure you are putting some thoughts into it, to have it ready when the day kicks off.

Intentional, because you are the one in charge. Don’t make other people’s priorities get onto the list, unless you find a way to make them yours as well.

Purposeful, because the items on the list need to fit your purpose for the day. Even better if, when completed, they drop you a little bit closer to a bigger purpose.

Might work as well for not-so-lazy days after all.

Auto reply

Four ways companies can decide to (automatically) answer an application for an open position.


*crickets chirp*


Hi, we have received your application. Best Regards.


Hi *candidate name*,
Thank you for your interest in *company name*! We wanted to let you know we received your application for *open position*, and we are delighted that you would consider joining us. We’ll be in touch again once we have processed your application.

Best Regards.


Hi *candidate name*,

Thank you for your interest in our *open position*!

It’s getting close to saying our goodbyes to 2020 and welcoming a fresh new year! This marks the start of a Holiday season with our team as well, as all our operations quiet down for a couple of weeks – until we’re back on January 4th.

We’d like to take this chance to thank you for your patience with our team taking the time to rest and spend time with our families, and to wish you joyous and love-filled Holidays and a wonderful New Year!

*Animated GIF – Happy Holidays*

See you in 2021! 🥳

Two questions.

  1. As a candidate, for which of the four companies would you feel more excited to go work for?
  2. How soon after being hired will you forget about the importance of such seemingly minor details?

And perhaps a third one. Does it matter?

I believe it does. Even when it is about a simple, automated communication with somebody you might not hear about anymore.

The way you communicate is a choice. And it speaks volume to who you are.