This is a mantra worth reminding, as marketers seem to forget it all the time. No one wants to hear about your product. And there are beautiful examples of what can be achieved when this becomes an assumption underlying your content strategy. It also works, by the way.


Some products manage to make the internet buzz at launch, and that has certainly been the case with, the new (subscription based) e-mail service by Basecamp. I am probably not the right audience for it, and still there are three things they have done wonderfully. Three things marketers (and entrepreneurs) can learn from. They … Continue reading Hey


If you have not yet, now it is a very good time to reach out to your colleagues and team members and ask how they are doing and what they need. Perhaps initially this work-from-home-with-social-distancing-and-home-schooling-during-a-pandemic sounded like a nice turn of event, something that could help people refocus and companies reorganize e restrategize. More than … Continue reading Break


Nobody gets really excited when you do things that everybody else (in your field, in your company, in your circle) is doing. And so, often getting noticed means going out of the boundaries that tradition and habit impose. It's never easy. For example, for someone to craft a "What's new" page for a Saas company … Continue reading Unlazy

Good eggs

Business decisions can be good marketing too. A way to differentiate from your competitors, express your values and tell everybody what you stand for. Good Eggs got this right. And for once, a page stating corporate values does not sound like shallow promises. The original article by KQED is here. The full chart here.