The voice of your customers – what they feel, what they want, what they say, how they speak about their problems, your product and your competitors, what they think – is everywhere.

It’s in the messages they send to your sales and support.

It’s in the reviews they leave online.

It’s in the forums and discussion boards.

It’s in the noise at trade fairs and conferences.

It’s in the interviews transcript for the next case study.

It’s in the blog and social media posts they write.

It’s in the way they use the material you provide them.

It’s in the results to the survey you are running on your website.

It’s in the questions they ask the first time they meet you.

It’s in their choices after you’ve sent them the final proposal.

Of course, to make all of this relevant, you have to first shut up. Then listen. And finally act on what you have learned.

Working on the voice of customer is an expression of servant leadership. That’s probably the reason why so few succeed with it.

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