Would you rather buy services from: A company that promises to improve your workforce efficiency;A company that promises to reduce the lead time of your projects by 10%;A company that promises to digitalize your paperwork and automate some of the most tedious of your processes, therefore reducing lead time of your projects by 10%;A company … Continue reading Specific


What HBO is doing with their streaming offering is the perfect example of how bad marketing can ruin a great product. Having three brands (HBO Max, HBO Go and HBO Now) to essentially serve the same audience has created a lot of distraction and confusion, and it has not helped one bit in delivering the … Continue reading Mess


A part of marketing is generating sales. And a part of marketing is fostering brand. There are some myths around this that should be debunked. Starting with the fact that the two things are separated and can live independently. Perhaps that is true in the short term, but building a business is a long term … Continue reading Brand