Every single company is on a mission to talk about value. Value proposition, value selling, value chain, added value. And (almost) every single company fails to appreciate what value is. That's because value is defined not by your management, but by your customers. It is not about increased productivity or improved workforce efficiency, but it's … Continue reading Alignment

The greatest illusion

Here is an extract from the lawsuit that is rocking social media, particularly interesting for marketers. 253. For example, as a result of Facebook’s unlawful conduct and harm to competition alleged above, advertisers are harmed by a lack of transparency about Facebook’s reporting metrics, inability to audit Facebook’s reporting metrics, unreliable metrics due to Facebook … Continue reading The greatest illusion


When you launch a rebrand, it's often better to just rip off the bandaid. One piece of evidence. Google launched Workspace today, as a replacement to Google G Suite offering. Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 six months ago, as a replacement (?) to Office 365 offering. Judge for yourselves.