A part of marketing is generating sales. And a part of marketing is fostering brand. There are some myths around this that should be debunked. Starting with the fact that the two things are separated and can live independently. Perhaps that is true in the short term, but building a business is a long term … Continue reading Brand


This is a mantra worth reminding, as marketers seem to forget it all the time. No one wants to hear about your product. And there are beautiful examples of what can be achieved when this becomes an assumption underlying your content strategy. It also works, by the way.


If there is a feature or a characteristic of your product that consistently keeps your audience from buying, you have one of two options: change the feature, or change the audience. Hiding the feature, on the other hand, is but a shortsighted and counterproductive trick. You actually want people to know about it as soon … Continue reading Hiding


Some products manage to make the internet buzz at launch, and that has certainly been the case with, the new (subscription based) e-mail service by Basecamp. I am probably not the right audience for it, and still there are three things they have done wonderfully. Three things marketers (and entrepreneurs) can learn from. They … Continue reading Hey