A culture of focus

We need to reset the expectations when it comes to synchronous communication at work.

People feel the pressure to be on top of things, to answer messages, to be available, to participate, to socialise, to share, to comment, to leave a funny emoji. Unfortunately, none of that is productive, none of that delivers value to the customer, the shareholder, the community, and none of that is good for the long-term well-being of the individual employee.

We need to facilitate people to do work that matters, that they are proud of, that makes them feel accomplished. And as managers, we need to be able to keep in check our ego, our anxiety, our excitement, to accept that colleagues will get back to us when it makes sense to them.

It’s not only about turning notifications off, setting do-not-disturb time, removing apps when on holidays. It’s about changing the culture.

If you are on top, it’s for you to set the example.

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