This is a mantra worth reminding, as marketers seem to forget it all the time. No one wants to hear about your product. And there are beautiful examples of what can be achieved when this becomes an assumption underlying your content strategy. It also works, by the way.


If there is a feature or a characteristic of your product that consistently keeps your audience from buying, you have one of two options: change the feature, or change the audience. Hiding the feature, on the other hand, is but a shortsighted and counterproductive trick. You actually want people to know about it as soon … Continue reading Hiding


[During the first three quarters of 2019], Facebook has shut down 5.4 billion fake accounts on its main platform, but millions likely remain, the social networking giant said Wednesday. That's compared to roughly 3.3 billion fake accounts removed in all of 2018.CNN Business, full article here Let that sink in. In Q3 2019, Facebook reported … Continue reading Fake


If you have not yet, now it is a very good time to reach out to your colleagues and team members and ask how they are doing and what they need. Perhaps initially this work-from-home-with-social-distancing-and-home-schooling-during-a-pandemic sounded like a nice turn of event, something that could help people refocus and companies reorganize e restrategize. More than … Continue reading Break