Cautionary tales

This one here from The New York Times is a cautionary tale.

It’s about never trusting the glamour and sparkles you see on social media. Even when they seem to be selfless and well-intended.

And it’s also a tale about not confusing the object with the subject. Just because the latter is rotten, doesn’t mean the former is as well. That is to say, it is still possible to pay a fair wage to your employees, build a good company, and not be a total asshole.

This other one from The Guardian is also a cautionary tale.

It’s about the inevitability of being caught at fault when you are a public figure. It’s about the fascination of newspapers of any kind and size for stories which are not stories. It’s about the need to accept that the better you are at what you do, the more others will try to take you down with frivolous items, leveraging both the inevitability and the fascination described above.

And it’s also a tale about letting all this wash over you and continue on your path.

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