It does matter

If someone would look at you now, what would they see?

If they would check on you while you are working, relaxing, exercising, parenting, leading, what feeling would they be left with?

If they would have a chance to take a peek at you when no one else is watching, what would they learn?

This is the compassionate responsibility to try and be your better self at all times, it is not the merciless burden that makes you give up.

And it does matter.

Make it matter

When somebody tells you that you are not ready for a project, a new challenge, a promotion, there are two ways you can react.

You can behave as if you were not given the responsibility. That’s easy, because you were not. It is the attitude of “why should I?”, of “it won’t matter”.

Or you can behave as if you were given the responsibility. Do what you would have. It is the attitude of “I can”, of “I will make it matter”.

Which one will you choose?

Under control

One of the biggest and most painful mistakes you can make is to believe it is about you.

Things happen all the time, people have thoughts and feelings that make them behave one way or the other, words are said and opinions expressed more than we can appreciate. And it is not about you.

Making it personal is the opposite of committing. It is a way to hide, to postpone, to not do.

It is also a strong instict, as each one of us is the main character to their own story.

Just keep it under control.


You are probably not the strongest.

You are probably not the smartest.

You are probably not the most fearless.

You are probably not the nicest.

You are probably not the greatest.

You are probably not the most positive.

And yet you are here. With the responsibility to make something strong, smart, fearless, nice, great, positive happen.

Work with your limits and don’t let them hold you back.

The world needs you.


Slow down

We have gotten used to fast.

We want the world to move fast, we want change to happen overnight, we seek shortcuts and opportunities behind every corner.

We lose sight of the 99%.

And when that feeling is stronger, the only real thing we can do is look inside and ask how we can slow down.




Connect with those you care about.

Put technology aside.

Get rid of dopamine hits.

Trying to change the speed at which our world spins is pointless.

Trying to change the way we perceive such speed is wise.