One plus one does not equal sale

In the past four years, I have only replied to four cold outreach from sales or business development reps.

In two cases, I already knew the company. Their brand was so popular in my circle that I was just seeking an opportunity to work with them. When the sales reps reached out, I was sold already. I booked a meeting, and from there on it was just a matter of how.

In one case, the sales rep really put work and effort at personalising the outreach. I did exchange some emails with them, and the whole thing turned into a deal with another side of the organisation a few months later.

In one case, there was an offer for a €125 Amazon voucher to attend a demo. I did reply, the thing got too complex, and since I had absolutely no interest in the tool they were selling, I gave up easily and with a smile on my face.

I can’t say how many others I have gotten, but they all went to the trash bin or ended up accompanying some pungent posts on social media.

And yet, there is people that still believe that one plus one equals sale.

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