Getting back on track

Two years ago, I committed to becoming a more active person. I had started running regularly and I had set myself the goal to run a half-marathon by the summer of 2021.

I failed.

And it’s ok. Because when you stretch your practice, some times you grow. Other times, you fail.

I have known I would have failed for some times now. So, my focus has been on two things. First, on the times I have actually went running. While you are building an habit, keep in mind the times you have actually stuck to it, and it will be more difficult to be overwhelmed by the despair for the beats you have missed. Second, on the commitment I had taken, which is still valid: I want to become a more active person.

If you do focus your attention on these two things, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to get back on track.

Let’s go.

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