The dumber marketer

Is being dumb giving you an edge in marketing?

I am not talking about a lack of intelligence, but rather of a genuine, näive ignorance around topics you probably can never be very sure about.

Why is this campaign working?

What do you mean by that word you are using so frequently in your copy?

What is our ideal customer? Where do they hang out? What do they care about?

Why is this blog post performing way above average?

Do our visitors approach our resources in terms of “case studies”, “videos”, and “whitepaper”, or are they seeking information about what type of customer, what use cases, what pain points?

Are we expressing our product this way because it is comfortable for us or because it makes sense to our target customers?

I am not sold on the idea that being certain and confident is a good thing in marketing. What worked yesterday, what is working today, will probably not work tomorrow. What worked for that campaign, will probably not work this time. What worked in one company, will probably not work in the new one.

So, is the dumber marketer the one who is going to ask those questions?

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