Doing is boring

Doing is boring.

It comes after the excitement of ideation and brainstorming. It is way ahead of the sparkles and glitters of reveal and success. It is repetitive, often solitary, unsung, at times painful, mostly bland.

And that is precisely why many fail at it.

Showing up day after day to merely do is a trait one needs to train. Without that, we are jumping from one thing to the next. With that, we are setting ourselves apart from the mass.

Doing, just like life, is boring.

To achieve anything, you just have to get over this simple fact.

3 thoughts on “Doing is boring

  1. […] And one thing has become more and more clear during this time. The end goal is the act of writing itself. It is not the views – for those, I am grateful. It is not the likes – by those, I am humbled. It is the sitting down in front of the screen every evening, no matter where I happen to be, no matter the kind of day I had, no matter whether I know what I will write about or not. It is the habit. It is the doing. […]


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