The end goal

Today, I write my blog post number 1,000.

1,000 days of writing every day. Almost three years since I have decided to give it another try.

And one thing has become more and more clear during this time. The end goal is the act of writing itself. It is not the views – for those, I am grateful. It is not the likes – by those, I am humbled. It is the sitting down in front of the screen every evening, no matter where I happen to be, no matter the kind of day I had, no matter whether I know what I will write about or not. It is the habit. It is the doing.

We need habits. And we need to go back to choosing the ones we dedicate time to.

2 thoughts on “The end goal

  1. Dear Fabrizio,
    Thank you so much for the deep thoughts you share and, especially, for the inspiration you bring by your own example EVERY DAY!
    We´ve got this!


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