Do not bother asking

If at the end of a fairly long and ambiguos onboarding, you are displayed the following message, chances are you are going to abandon the product and never come back.

Of course, there’s the fact that automatically charging the customer’s credit card after a free trial period is a truly bad practice, and a way to signal you do not trust they would subscribe otherwise.

And there’s also a bigger failure, a messaging failure. Details are presented in a long, complex, repetitive way. A way that does not belong in an onboarding. Because what it says is not “trust us!”, but rather “no refund after the trial, even if you are no longer interested, so do not bother asking!”

What if, instead ..

Your own program is ready!

We are offering a 7-day free trial, that should give you plenty of time to complete your first lessons and get going.

After that, the cost of your own learning program is €9,99 per month (charged automatically to your Google Play account).

You can cancel anytime by following the instructions in the app, and we will send you a reminder before charging your credit card for the first time, to make sure you really want to continue. No surprises!

Get started!

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