The greatest illusion

Here is an extract from the lawsuit that is rocking social media, particularly interesting for marketers. 253. For example, as a result of Facebook’s unlawful conduct and harm to competition alleged above, advertisers are harmed by a lack of transparency about Facebook’s reporting metrics, inability to audit Facebook’s reporting metrics, unreliable metrics due to Facebook … Continue reading The greatest illusion


When you launch a rebrand, it's often better to just rip off the bandaid. One piece of evidence. Google launched Workspace today, as a replacement to Google G Suite offering. Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 six months ago, as a replacement (?) to Office 365 offering. Judge for yourselves.


What HBO is doing with their streaming offering is the perfect example of how bad marketing can ruin a great product. Having three brands (HBO Max, HBO Go and HBO Now) to essentially serve the same audience has created a lot of distraction and confusion, and it has not helped one bit in delivering the … Continue reading Mess


And of course, this is a direct consequence of the fact that concepts are susceptible to different interpretations. As long as organizations will continue approaching culture as a list of evocative words, the gap between culture (what management wants) and climate (what employees experience) will remain wide. And values statement will be abstract, generic and … Continue reading Gap