Not imperative

It’s not imperative that you are involved in everything.

It’s not imperative that you understand everything.

It’s not imperative that you check everything.

It’s not imperative that you fix everything.

It’s not imperative that you control everything.

It’s not imperative that you point out the flaws and defects in everything.

It’s not imperative that you vet everything before it gets out.

Once you understand this, you will be surprised by how things still happen, with good results, without you being there to take credit.

It’s empowering.

It’s liberating.

Figure it out

The current situation is unprecedented. The pandemic is putting a strain on everybody. A huge amount of people have suffered serious consequences.

And if after two years your company is still using Covid as a tentative reason to excuse poor customer service, delayed deliveries, price increases, product shortages, it’s time for you to stop.

Rethink your business, instead, and figure out a way to provide the experience people expect.

That’s your responsibility.

Note: the image of this post is from Tom Fishburne @Marketoonist.

Approving instructions

When you write instructions, make sure you test them with those they are written for.

It is not enough to get approval from somebody who knows and already understands the process you are describing.

Otherwise, this happens.

We ask you to create your own personal account at *URL*. In case you already have a personal account created for the child from preschool, the same account is used for the registration to school. You may not use the account created for an older sibling but are permitted to add the younger sibling using the key codes below.

From instructions to register your child to school


On one side, you have two colleagues, with similar competences, juggling more or less at the same time the following tasks: client booking via phone call, client support via phone call, client data collection and entry, service delivery, invoicing, and payment collection. This is a mess.

On the other side, you have two collegues, with similar competences, alternating on their tasks more or less as follows: one does client booking via phone call, client data collection and entry, invoicing, and payment collection; the other one focuses on service delivery and client support via phone call. This is a process.

We use to think of processes as the main reason for inefficiencies and disengagement, but the right process in the right place can do wonders. And the client is the one benefitting the most.

No real thing

For most people, there is no real thing that is going to be better if you are going to work one more day, or check your email on Christmas day, or take a meeting while your family is gathered for dinner.

It’s just your fear of giving away control and of finding out that you are not that important.

Take a break, go on vacation, spend quality time with your family. I promise you, when you will go back, the same problems and challenges will be there waiting for you.

You might just have some more resources to tackle them.