Would you?

Would you buy your own product?

It’s not a difficult question to answer for most founders and executives, but there is a lot more to it that is worth asking.

Would you spend money regularly over a period of time to use your product?

Would you do that after having visited your website?

Would you move away from your main competitor?

Would you click, read and act on any one of the automated emails in your nurture flow?

Would you be engaged by your blog and social media posts?

Would you be ok with being automatically charged once the trial period is over?

Would you accept the LinkedIn invite from one of your sales rep?

Would you work for your company if Google, Apple or Tesla would come knocking?

Would you accept a job offer even knowing how things work at your company?

We should stop dissociating. We are customers and buyers in the first place, we do know what we enjoy to consume and what we spend money on.

It is a very good place to start from.

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