DID marketers

Marketers (but to be honest, this is valid for most business people) suffer from a clear case of dissociative identity disorder, what was once called multiple personality disorder.

On one hand, they are customers. And as such, they are for the most part frustrated and unsatisfied with companies and their services (and I mean services at large, including things such as content, information, knowledge, advertisements, etc.).

On the other hand, though, as soon as they step into their offices, they seem to forget about frustration and unsatisfaction, and they ask their own customers (both internal and external) to navigate through the same pointless odissey they so much hated up until few minutes earlier.

If we would cure this, if we would start concepting, designing, producing and distributing only the type of marketing we would ourselves be happy to consume in our free time, many of the problems of modern marketing would be overcome. And we could focus into winning people’s hearts and minds.

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