The things you did today

The things you did today, the meetings you attented to, the people you have exchanged ideas with, the tasks you have dedicated your attention to, the distractions that took you on a tangent, the breaks to recharge the batteries.

What place do they have in the long term picture?

It’s great when things flow effortlessly into the right place, when all we do seems light and serving the right purpose, and yet more often than not our daily routines feel like a start and stop, two steps in the right direction and three in the wrong one.

We do not dedicate enough time to understanding what our long term looks like, what are the reasons why do what we do, and what we will from now on accept and what not.

It’s only by raising our heads up from the narrowness of the short term that we can figure this out. And when we have done that, let’s go and pursue it with relentless discipline.

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