We won’t open an e-mail we have not asked for.

We avoid banners on websites as if they were bearing plague.

Whenever possible, we avoid giving permission to be tracked for commercial and retargeting purposes.

We are fed up with listicles and click baits.

We are very sceptical of sources we are not familiar with.

We do not answer cold calls, and when we do we shut the conversation off as soon as possible.

We get mad when an ad appears for a product we have only visited the information page once. Three months ago.

We would never buy from a place that treat us badly, disrespectfully and dishonestly.

We could spend half of our very precious day to engage in an angry conversation with a customer support rep that cannot tell us why we are not getting what we have paid for.

And yet, as marketers we often assume others will be happy when exposed to all of that.


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