Organizations are perfect sets for dramas.

The problem is that drama is a great way to keep people busy and a poor way to keep people engaged, motivated, creative, purposeful.

While everyone is waiting for the next big reveal, no one will commit to a new idea.

While everyone is betting on which of the two executives will win the next argument, no one is listening to what customers are saying or grasping the emerging trend in the market.

While everyone is invested in wowing their managers, no one will buy into the vision and values that would make employees, shareholders, customers, and community better off.

That feeling of overwhelm, of tiredness, of pointlessness is not due to the job. It’s due to drama.

When you get rid of the spaces where drama flourishes – the hidden information, the decisions behind closed doors, the selected circles, the executive approvals, the vertical silos -, you can repurpose the resources to allow your people and your business to grow.

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