Three reasons to write things down

Write it down as soon as it comes to you.

When thinking of a new idea, something to add to your website, an activity you would like to try, a way to approach a difficult conversation. Write it down. As writing it down will serve three purposes.

First, you will remember it. If you keep it in your mind, it’s probably going to get lost among other things you think of, you do, you listen to, you read.

Second, you will crystallize it. It’s probably just informal and wild in your mind, and when you put it on paper (or on screen), you are forced to make sense of it, to give it shape, to tame it and make it real.

Third, you will prioritize it. Not all things you’ll write down will be worth pursuing, and therefore you will have the clarity to understand what you will take forward.

One thought on “Three reasons to write things down

  1. Oh yeah. If I don’t write down my ideas, they’re as good as gone, no matter how confident I am of remembering them later. And writing them down does help me get things done too. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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