Without judgement

In most things we see presage, meaning, intention. That’s our way to try and control the chaos of life.

But just because our child is slow eating their lunch, it doesn’t mean they will be slow at everything as they grow up.

Just because someone has not answered our call for help, it doesn’t mean they don’t care.

Just because we have not been awarded that important role, it doesn’t mean we are less worthy of consideration.

More often then not, things merely happen. We should be brave enough to accept that without judgement and move on.

Three reasons to write things down

Write it down as soon as it comes to you.

When thinking of a new idea, something to add to your website, an activity you would like to try, a way to approach a difficult conversation. Write it down. As writing it down will serve three purposes.

First, you will remember it. If you keep it in your mind, it’s probably going to get lost among other things you think of, you do, you listen to, you read.

Second, you will crystallize it. It’s probably just informal and wild in your mind, and when you put it on paper (or on screen), you are forced to make sense of it, to give it shape, to tame it and make it real.

Third, you will prioritize it. Not all things you’ll write down will be worth pursuing, and therefore you will have the clarity to understand what you will take forward.

Assuming good intentions

Assuming good intentions is truly the only way to build relationships and stay sane.

Some people might act out of malicious intents, trying to manipulate others in order to get ahead. Most though go about their lives in the exact same way as we do. They might have different ideas, points of view, preferences. But they are trying to do their best with the cards they have been dealt.

The alternative is to question everything and doubt everyone.

It is possible, and some choose that. I am not sure though they understand how much energy, attention, resources that is taking from them.