Things you accept

The things you can learn to accept.

It’s unbelievable.

You are resilient and you can live every day learning to accept feelings, thoughts, situations that on paper you would never want in your life.

It helps to frame them in a narrative that serves your higher purpose. And it helps to remind yourself of that narrative at challenging times and at good times.

Once you have that, you are simply unstoppable.

Being with

Some situations have the power to take us back to the ground. They remind us we are not invincible, they prove time is a very limited resource, they point to someone who is more prepared.

When we go past them and their drama, they can teach us to be with what we have and what we are, to the best of our own possibilities.

That’s what they are really for.


When the mind wanders, it takes you to wonderful places, average places, horrible places. Places that do not exist. Places that often determine your joy or sorrow.

The only thing that is real, though, is the here and now. What you are doing in this moment, the context you have around you, the possibility for you to decide to change the activity and the context. And your mood.

A wandering mind can take you places, but train the capacity to come back to reality at will.

It’s a muscle that can be strengthened.

The superior companion

If you fall in love with an outcome, you will never notice that the world around you is moving, that the context is ever changing, and that the outcome, in the end, does not provide that sense of reward you had anticipated.

If instead you fall in love with the journey, you are in the present, here and now. You see the changes, you notice the details, you are awake and ready, you have a place to fall back to when the unexpected becomes reality.

The journey is just a superior companion.