Empty house

When you are on the market to buy a house, and you start going around to see some of them, you will probably feel better about those who have furniture in it. Even when you actually plan to get rid of everything and bring your own furniture in.

An empty house is often difficult to imagine with actual life in it. It takes people a huge extra effort to visualise closets, carpets, curtains, chairs, tables, lamps, and so on.

A lot of B2B marketing nowadays feels like an empty house. Huge potential, but what am I going to put in this room? Will a bed fit in here? Will there be enough space for kids to play around, if we bring a sofa and a side table in?

Start with being specific, and it will be easier for customers to apply what they are seeing to their own unique cases. It is a shorter route.

* I owe the empty house metaphor to a customer I was chatting with a few days back. It is unbelievable what insights customers can provide.

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