Three skills

Three skills you deeply need in every job.

  1. The capacity to manage expectations. When are things coming, why are we prioritising this over that, what is the focus for this quarter, why are we changing what we previously communicated. Do it often, be consistent, and be mindful of everyone who needs to be involved.
  2. The capacity to deliver on promises. Very much linked to number one, and arguably one of the biggest reasons why people fail at the work they do. It’s a matter of being proactive and realistic about what you can achieve, it’s about saying no and I can’t, then shifting gear towards number three.
  3. The capacity to focus. It’s impossible to set expectations or deliver on promises when continuously distracted by a new trend, a new urgency, a new need. Stick to it for long enough and build your credibility.

Start working on these today to get an insane edge in whatever role you want to master.

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