There are many ways to tell a story, but since companies find it so difficult, a good idea is to keep it simple and avoid overly complicated structures.

  1. The hero wants to achieve an ideal state.
  2. A challenge is holding them back.
  3. Your solution will clear the way and prepare them for the future.

Few pitfalls to consider.

  • The hero is never your product.
  • The more concrete and specific you can be with the challenge, the more it will resonate with the hero exactly at the right time.
  • The solution needs to be translated in the language of the hero, and it is never a list of features and spec.
  • You are gonna need different stories for different heroes (i.e. personas).

It’s not perfect, but if you are not already touching on these three points, in that order, in any conversation you are having with a prospect, this is a good way to wrap your mind around storytelling.

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