Feedback often creates tension.

I want it this way.

I am not sure what, but something does not work.

Your piece of content misses the bigger picture.

Can you change that part and make it more professional?

I am sorry, I really do not like it.

Tension might eventually take you to a better place, but there are two problems.

First, tension takes time to resolve. Time that could actually be employed improving the outcome, doing something more valuable or even just going for a walk. Tension is difficult to dissipate, it actually tends to escalate. Particularly when the first unclear comment is followed by additional unclear statements that make the whole feedback situation a mess.

Also, tension sticks. When the job is eventually done, tension is still in the air. It does not matter at this point if the outcome is better, something has broken. And that is difficult to recover, even more difficult considering the fact this way of giving feedback is rarely a one-off.

Prepare before giving feedback.

Never let it be the first thing that comes to mind, never let it be an instinctual reaction to you seeing the work of others for the first time.

And if after you have done that, there is still vagueness in what you want to contribute, shut up and ask.

If you would have more time, what would you work on to make it better?

Guide me through your creative process.

What parts of it you do not like?

What would you need to make this the best of your blog posts?

What type of input are you seeking from me?

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