This is a very well crafted video that tells of how ahrefs went about redesigning their home page.

It is about the company, but it is not about the product. It is something the target audience wants to know about (web page redesign). It has a twist right at the beginning (the 3 copywriters) that makes sticking around until the end more likely.

And by the way, if you plan to redesign your website, three questions worth asking.

1. When do we show the product? It is a fairly common practice in B2B to feature loads of videos and screenshots on the website, but as the guys at ahrefs realised, perhaps opening the home page with a hero screenshot of a dashboard might put off many visitors who are just problem-aware.

2. How much information is enough? Getting lost in details is easy, and getting lost trying to expres details is even easier. A waste of space and attention, so just stick to what is needed to catch the interest of your target audience.

3. How long should a A/B test be? For many things, measuring the real impact on business metrics takes time. A/B testing in 1-2 week-long sprints is probably focusing on the wrong metrics. Marketing is a long A/B test.

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