Targeting millennials

Few years ago, during an hiring process, I was asked to come up with ideas to improve how the company was presenting the product to prospects. I decided to title the presentation I put together “targeting millennials”.

The presentation featured few suggestions that still today I believe would have benefited the company, but of course the very same idea of “targeting millennials” is nonsensical.

“Millennials” is a wide group of people that has in common only the fact of being born between 1980s and 1990s. Sure, there are some similar traits, a shared cultural background, some icons everyone from those years can relate to. And yet unless your product is really, truly a mass product, targeting a generation is as ineffective as and article about knitting on the front page of the Financial Times.

A better way to approach the assignment would have been asking “why do people buy this product?” (instead of “what type of people buy this product?”, as it typically happens when targeting based on demographics).

I was out of the hiring process after this stage, and to be honest I think they did take a sensible decision.

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