You don’t notice your kids growing. There is no day when they are noticeably taller than the day before, no moment when they are noticeably smarter than the moment before, and for most developments, there is no exact time when you can say “here is when that happened!”.

Yet, they grow. Sometimes you stop and look back at old pictures, and you wonder when that happened. But they grow. You think back at how clumsy they used to be on their bike and now they speed past you. They do grow. You realise that now they are going out with their friends on their own while they used to ask you to take them everywhere.

The point is, not all growth is noticeable.

Actually. There is almost no growth that is noticeable, no progress that is material in short spans of time, no achievement that happens from one day to the next.

Growth is a process.

It’s frustrating at times. But you can’t hurry it up.

Cherish it, instead.

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