Own your meetings

When you send an invite for a meeting, you make two promises to those invited.

  1. You promise that you will be respecting the timing of the meeting – the time the meeting will start, the time allocated to the different items in the agenda, the time the meeting is supposed to end.
  2. You promise that you will be prepared to deliver on the agenda, or that those presenting/discussing will have the information they need to prepare to deliver on the agenda.

Many meetings fail because they are considered a way to come together and express opinions, thoughts, ideas. Some might be, but even in that case it is a responsibility of the organizer to manage a right pace to the conversation, to send out information that can help drive the conversation, and in general to be the owner of the conversation.

If there is one gift you feel like giving to your colleagues in 2022, let it be this one.

Own your own meetings.

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