What they do need

Just adding to Seth Godin’s list.

I’d like my Android phone to know when it is a bank holiday in Finland, and ask me the day before whether I still want my weekdays alarm on.

I’d like any social media to use the timeline to display what I am actually interested in (i.e., the stuff I follow), rather than second guess my personal taste.

I’d like advertising platforms to ask me whether I am looking to buy a car, what type of car, what budget I have, instead of interrupting my daily flow with generic car ads, when I have already bought a car two months ago.

I’d like LinkedIn to understand I am not seeking for employment when Finnish is a requirement, and therefore stop matching my profile with job ads that are completely in Finnish.

I’d like the Google Assistant to answer my questions as an assistant would, rather than listing what they have found on the web (thanks, I can do a Google search on my own).

I’d like Outlook to still send me an email notification for updates to events I have already accepted, instead of sending them directly to the trash bin.

At some point, companies stop serving the needs of their customers and start pursuing revenue only. If we stop idolizing their success, if we free ourselves from the need to become the next billion dollars deal, we realize that there are infinite challenges that demand the attention of our organizations. And we can perhaps manage to take a tiny, little piece of a market.

Here is to the many definitions of success.

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