Your audience

Imagine if you would have to act as the perfect employee to impress your boss and at the same time as a lazy employee to get along with your peers. If you would have to pretend to be the family man at home and at the same time the ruthless playboy with your friends. If you would have to be sloppy and quick at work and at the same time meticulous and detailed in your free time.

At best, everyone (including you) would have some serious issues figuring out who you are.

This is the same impression many B2B companies give.

They have one story for the investors, one for the customers, one for the partners, one for the analysts. Each department tells it in a different way, using different language, and focusing on different themes. The result is total confusion.

If you want your brand to be authentic, define what that means, check regularly whether the definition is still relevant, and stick to it.

That’s how you find your audience.

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