What if

What if tomorrow, as leaders, we would make the decision to stop getting into employees’ way and let them free to self-organize and solve the problems they are hired to solve.

What if we would remove all rules and trust that people would actually do their job to the best of their ability.

What if we would decide to raise everyone’s salary, not because we have had a particularly brilliant year, not because we have reached all our targets, not because we have outperformed the competition, just because it is the right thing to do.

What if we would choose not to fire people when things don’t work, but actually challenge ourselves to find a way to make them work.

What if we would genuinely commit to work on our culture, and make that a reason why people come and stay.

What if we would agree that the measure of our success is the state in which we leave our teams when we move on, and more importantly how many leaders we helped developing.

What if we would make an intentional effort to build relationships, not with our peers, upper management, and executives, but with the people we aim to inspire and guide.

Just because you don’t know any other way, it does not mean there is no other way.

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