Above everything else

If you are not enjoying the journey, how do you expect the destination to be any different?

If you do not like your job, the work that needs to be done, sitting down at your desk, taking coffee with a colleague, having that difficult conversation. How do you expect the next promotion to change all that?

If you do not feel happy in your relationship, hate to spend time together, fear the moment something important needs to be discussed, prefer to go on vacation with anybody but your partner. How do you expect the upcoming wedding to change all that?

If you are not up for practice, choose a lazy afternoon in over a run in the park, forget to bring your equipment to training, do not listen to your coach when they advise you, follow your very own personal diet. How do you expect the next personal best to change all that?

We put too much emphasis on milestones, but milestones are nothing more than the sum of the various moments you have lived to get there.

Cherish the journey, above everything else.

One thought on “Above everything else

  1. […] Perhaps you have medidated daily for two months, but then for a couple of days in a row you could not find any time to sit down and breathe. Most people would really struggle to go back to regular mediation. Despite the score being 61 to 2. That’s because we focus more on the streak than on the act itself. Once again, destination versus journey. […]


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