I choose the journey

What’s more important, the journey or the destination? Or better, where should you put your focus and efforts?

No doubts, both journey and destination are important. You need to know where you are going and the way you get there can be transformative.

Yet, I choose the journey.

The fact is, the destination is a dream, something you want to achieve, something you might or might not be able to get to. If all you care is that, if you place it at the center of your thoughts, you end up living a possibility. And you might chose to cut corners, hurt people, lose yourself. Anything to make it real!

The journey is now. It is reality, it is the work you put in, the daily waking up and doing, the pleasure and the pain. It is a more dynamic concept, so much that in the end you might find yourself in a totally unexpected place, another destination than the one you initially planned for. The journey ends up shaping the destination and how you feel about it in so many ways that it is almost impossible to leave it in the background.

The journey is who you are, really, and you should open your eyes to it, nurture it, keep it close.

8 thoughts on “I choose the journey

  1. […] The fact is, what matters it that you get to the target, and in most cases how fast you are has very little importance. Sprinting is a distraction, it can deplete resources, it is wasted focus. And it hinders experiencing the journey, depriving the target of most of its meaning. […]


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