The magic of technology

We got accustomed to thinking that technology, whatever technology, as long as it’s shiny and new, will eventually solve a problem.

As a result, we have lost the ability to focus on the problem – though someone might argue whether this ability has ever been central. If left to itself, technology will not amicably and magically find its way into our lives. There has to be a feedback loop at some point, as early as possible, that matches the capabilities of the technology to actual, and positive, impact in the world. And if the match cannot be done, even after trying hard, it is ok to drop the technology and forget about it.

This inability to take the distance from technology is the reason why we have deepfakes and artifically generated faces. We are often so fascinated from what is possible nowadays that we forget to discuss about the convenience and rightness of what is created.

Technology needs more questioning and groundedness.

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