A different decision

Our experience dictates how we are going to react to what happens around us.

A look, a word, a smile, or the lack of them. A failure, a comment, a blank page, a missed opportunity, a bad day, a mistake, a moment of anger, a lack of control, a fall into a negative habit, an uncontrollable impulse to do something that’s going to hurt us and others. All of this, and much more, can trigger distructive loops that we helplessly follow despite them being well-known and familiar. We spiral down.

In this situation, it takes effort to get back control. It takes presence, awareness, will. And when we have that, it is possible, in the moment, to make a different decision.

To answer an insult with kindness.

To see a failure as an opportunity.

To approach the moment of anger as temporary.

To interpret the laughs as unrelated to your worth.

To counter detachment with passion and warmth.

It’s a quality that can be trained, and the reward is having a spectrum of possibilities to respond to what goes on around you.

It’s worth a try.

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