Assume people don’t know

Start by assuming that people don’t know. When you present an idea, when you share a thought, when you introduce your audience to your product or service, imagine how it would be to talk about that to somebody who is absolutely clueless. Chances are, they really are.

Take Ikea instructions, for example.

For as much as people make fun about them, the way Ikea presents how to assemble its own furniture is the clearest and easiest around. Just try another brand and benchmark.

Their minimalist design never fails, provided you can follow it to the letter (well, to the image) without trying to venture away from it. They have no words in it, no complicated code for the different pieces, the drawings are not necessarily captivating or artistic, and yet they never fail to tell you if that little hole goes on the inside or on the outside. And the great thing about them, is that they often are lengthy and elaborated, as they assume the normal person does not have the knowledge or experience for the job.

The next time you are sharing something important, think about Ikea’s instructions. And see how you can be as close to them as possible.



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