Do it for yourself

In the parenting journey, there comes a time when you realize you have to give your kids control. It happens quite early, to be honest. It’s when they start to go out play with other kids by themselves, without adult’s supervision.

You have to start give them control, even gradually. And be there to help them handle the consequences of the choices they make. Sure, you do that because you want them to grow as independent, resilient human beings. But you do that also for a very egoistic reason: you simply do not have the energy and time to deal with all the questions they have, to asses all the situations they come to you with, to fix all the problems they face.

In the leadership journey, you will find something similar. If you feel overwhelmed, if you find yourself wondering whether your team can do anything without your input, if you want everything under your own supervision. It’s time to give away control.

If not for your team, do it for yourself.

The benefit will be immediate.

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